All About The AYS Team


Hi, I'm Jill Glad the artist behind the Awake Your Soul brand.  This whole amazing dream started as a side project while I worked as an art teacher.  It gave me the opportunity to come home from work and keep making and being inspired personally.  I soon started coming up with bigger watercolors, broader ideas, and I started adding all my favorite lyrics that were playing in the background while I painted.  Soon my love for watercolors started gaining success and I chose to go all in on this little business.

My amazing husband Ryan helped me start building frames and mounting all my art prints to wood so I could make bolder more exciting product lines.  We would labor late at night in our garage while our babies slept and soon started selling art at local markets and online.  We fell in love with spreading joy to customers, with spending time together being creative, and with showing our kids what hard work looks like.  We use this business to meet our family's goals and dreams one day at a time with serious hustle and love.  

We are high school sweethearts from Ohio that grew up together and work together to goal crush and stay inspired. We have three little boys that we love to play outside with, explore new places, read to, and invent silly games with.  In the midst of growing our family and building a brand we have found so much love and support from our family and friends who have become the AYS dream team.  They help us cut and stain wood, package signs, run our market booths, and watch our babies.

Our designs are built on our love for life and the sweet words and quotes we focus on are truly manifested from this life we feel blessed to share together.  We hope you find some joy and happiness from our work and spread it around to other amazing people in your life.