SquaresThe AYS Squares come in a variety of sizes each with their own appeal: 

The TINY squares are great to prop on a desk at work, buy as a small little gift, or add to a styled shelf. 4x4 inches

The SMALL squares are also perfect to prop on a shelf or hang in a gallery wall..  They make the perfect gift with a warm sentiment or add some color and detail to a bookshelf or wall. 6x6 inches

The MEDIUM squares are the most popular size and are big enough to be a substantial gift, to use on a wall or set up on a shelf next to a few family photos with a sweet quote featured on it.- 9x9 inches

The LARGE squares are a big statement and make the perfect prop on a mantle, as a staple on a wall or as that inviting piece with a darling quote in any room of your home- 16x16 inches